The journey of an aspiring fighter: A new chapter #4

Published On July 24, 2015 | By Helen Harper | Blog

It’s time this blog came back in full force! I stopped posting because I figured nothing ever happens round here. However, I just looked back at my last year and realised maybe, just maybe, a little bit of stuff has happened.

What has happened since I last posted? (LAST YEAR!!! Don’t make me feel worse about that than I already do!!)

Let’s cut the boring stuff and go straight for the fights: I had a fight in March all the way over in Guam. It wasn’t a terribly great experience for me, I must say but there are always positives to be taken from every situation. For a start, Guam is far, far, far away. I knew it was a few flights, but I didn’t realise it would be 48 hours worth of flights.

I don’t every recommend anyone EVER to do this. I felt something similar to horse shit. That’s putting it mildly. I landed in the evening and had the weigh-in in the morning. Again, an equally awful idea.

I had never missed weight before that, and would never wish it upon anyone. It was a horrifically embarrassing experience. I spent hours alternating between the salt bath and the sauna but the weight just wasn’t coming off! I hate being a woman sometimes.

What’s done is done, there was nothing I could do about it, so on to the fight. Right?

OR…. I could get a knee to the groin in the first round and the ref could stop the fight and declare it a TKO.

Me being me, it was obviously the latter of the two options there. The irritating thing is, the day following the fight I requested for it to be turned to a ‘No Contest’. It was a clear groin shot, and MMA Pro rules state that the competitor has a 5 minute allowance to collect themselves after a groin shot. I was given no such thing, and the fight was stopped immediately.

sherdogEven says it on Sherdog!

I don’t care about the win bonus, I don’t even care if I had lost the fight for a legit reason – but to stop the fight from a groin shot? Really? Come on!! If I am going to lose, I would like to lose properly!

No, I am still not over it, and yes I will remain bitter about it.

 groinshotIf that’s not a groin shot, then what is?

Anyway, onwards and upwards. My next fight was in May, for a promotion in London called MMA Showdown. Finally I get to fight in London!!!

I was ridiculously excited to fight so close to home, and my mum and sister even came to watch me. My opponent was Sofie Langsford, who I have nothing but respect for. The girl was a true warrior – those who saw the fight were in awe.

I came away with the win but it was an absolute battle. I tried more submissions than I care to admit, and every single time she defended them absolutely beautifully. If this fight taught me anything, it was to tighten up my submission game – which is incidentally what I have been working on ever since.

sofiewinThis is the face of a happy woman with a yellow mouth guard

So as I mentioned before, I have been busy tightening up my submission game. What better way to see my progression than a couple of BJJ comps?

My first stop was Hereford Open, and I had only two other girls in my category. The most lovely two girls I have ever met at a BJJ comp! I took the gold medal for our category but as it was just us there was no absolute.

herefordgoldLeah, myself and Emma

Next up came Chelmsford Open. This was both a gi and a no-gi competition so we got up super early to weigh in at 9.30am. Emma from Hereford was in my category so it was great to see a friendly face!

I won my first no-gi match via Americana and my second via, wait for it *proud moment* mounted go-go plata! (Nope, not off that high yet).

The gi matches I won by Americana and then arm bar. This was the first time I have had four matches and 4 submissions (to my memory) so I felt like I had made some improvement.

chelmsfordgoldTop: Lee, Gary, Adam, me, Nate, Luke
Left: Natasha, me, Emma
Right: Emma, me, Emma (otherwise known as an M&M sandwich)

What’s next? The next two competitions are DSD Weekend, down in Bournemouth and Surrey Open in Guildford. I hope to have a fight as well in the not too distant future, but watch this space!

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  1. Vassilis says:

    Fantastic blog Hellraiser Helen! Congrats for all your amazing efforts and best of luck with all upcoming bouts..!!

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