The journey of an aspiring fighter: A new chapter #3

Published On November 13, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

Last night I had one of the best training sessions I have had for months.

It’s strange because this week I have actually felt pretty low. Probably the worst I have felt since coming back from Thailand.

I had some personal stuff going on (which I won’t go in to) and then a job interview yesterday. The job interview was to be a personal trainer at David Lloyd in my home town of Farnham.

We were split in to pairs and asked to introduce our partner to the room. We had 30 seconds to do this, and I think I got to about 22 seconds before I froze (which is pretty good for me). The next item on the agenda was an open discussion, “Pros and cons of children in sport” PERFECT.

Being a massive supporter of children in sport this discussion was something I could get passionate about. I and one of the other girls lead the discussion with input from most of the others in the room. Personally I had a lot of fun, open discussions like that are a really good way to see a lot of different points of view in a short space of time.

We were then asked to familiarize ourselves with the facility – both the gym and the cafe area. Talking to members was a high priority and something I would previously have HATED. This time was different: I beelined for the lady with the baby (perfect conversation starter) and ended up chatting with her for so long that I ran out of time!

So I am doing well so far, I am happy with the way things are going. The next part is where I fell down…

We had 8 minutes to give our partner a “training session”. This is usually the kind of thing I love, but I panicked and thought, “What would they want to see?” instead of, “What am I good at?”

I warmed my partner up on the treadmill and then took her through a chest press and flyers on the bench. BORING. I was even bored teaching it, and it’s something I would never do in real life. Usually I try and focus on balance, co-ordination, and functional exercises specifically using bodyweight.

Looking back, I should have been myself instead of trying to be someone I am not (still learning).

During my 1-2-1 interview, I was told I was one of the final two candidates but that I had failed to make the cut on this occasion. I asked why, and was given some great feedback. Although I had done well up until the practical demonstration, it had not been individual enough and they had wanted to see something a bit different.

I told the interviewer about Boot Camp and he was impressed, telling me that if I had shown some of my games then he would have hired me on the spot.

You live and learn. What did I learn here? BE MYSELF.

I am absolutely kicking myself, but it must have happened for a reason, there must be a greater plan for me on a different path.

Which brings me back to my training session last night. I had been talking to some of the guys before the training session and discussing how I didn’t feel that I had been progressing lately, despite my extended training sessions. I wasn’t so much frustrated but simply wondered why I hadn’t progressed.

However last night everything seemed to fall into place. I felt strong and that my timing had improved. I didn’t focus so much on finding submissions, but simply maintaining control. I found that the less I focused on finding submissions, the more presented themselves to me. Funny how that happens isn’t it!


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