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The journey of an aspiring fighter: A new chapter #11

Published On April 15, 2016 | By Helen Harper | Blog

So apparently I neglected to mention The Ultimate Fighter.

Back in December, I heard about the trials in Las Vegas. I (as usual) had no money so made a donation page on makeachamp.com. Brilliant idea put forward by Andy Roberts who was extremely supportive of this dream.

I received an insane amount of support from everyone, and collectively they got me to the trials. This was a crazy experience in itself. Far different to the TUF 20 audition, this time they were looking for 3 different weight classes!

When I had applied for TUF 20, they only reason they hadn’t picked me had been my lack of experience. I’d had 5 fights total and only 2 of them were pro MMA. Although I had a winning record of 2-0, it wasn’t quite what they were looking for.

This time, I felt far more ready. I felt ready to take on the challenges TUF might bring to me. I just had to persuade production!

As always, everyone at the audition from production to fighters were incredible. Although there was a nervous energy in the room, everyone was extremely friendly and willing to help.

We grappled and hit pads, and then a select group were chosen for an interview. During the time at the hotel, I got to know some of my potential new house mates, and this just added an extra buzz to us all.

The anticipation during the next few weeks was absolutely killing us all. I trained harder than I’ve ever trained, and motivation was at an all time high. But still, no one knew who was going into the elimination fights!

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting at home with my mum and step dad. I knew there was a time difference, but I hoped the call wouldn’t come too late. My dad had mentioned to me earlier in the day that most decisions happen around mid day. Whether that’s true or not, at almost exactly mid day in Vegas, my phone rang!

I squeakily told the producer that rang me that I was still interested in being part of TUF and yes I absolutely would get on a plane in 5 days and come to Vegas.

I couldn’t believe it was real!!

Packing with that much excitement and anticipation running through my veins was an interesting experience, that’s for sure. I packed most of the things I needed and a few days later my mum dropped me off at the airport!

To be continued….

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