The journey of an aspiring fighter #61

Published On May 11, 2014 | By Helen Harper | Blog

Maybe slightly ironic that it has taken this long to work out a good schedule, but this has been one of the best weeks training I have ever had. Of course it’s when I am just about to leave!

The various stages I have been through; Over training, over working, over stressing and generally wondering what the hell I am doing with my life. Each stage has been a new lesson and I do seem to be more productive with my training because of it.

This weeks schedule started on Monday, which just so happened to be my birthday. This meant that I was 100% more hyper and annoying than usual, so I do apologize if this affected you. Actually, I don’t, it was too much fun. Grappling started off the morning, my first session since Vegas. Confidence at an all time high meant I felt amazing and had my first ever run of 5 wins in king of the hill!!

As it was my birthday I decided to do what makes me happy and went to the school where I used to teach. This did indeed instill further happiness into my day. I miss being around kids all the time.


The rest of the day was taken up with eating and Muay Thai – a perfect combination. Muay Thai definitely involved a significantly higher amount of dancing and singing than usual.

Trying to train as much as possible without it becoming counter productive is hard. I used to train three or four sessions every day but I found myself progressing slowly and becoming frustrated at myself because of it. A few of my fighter friends told me to try decreasing my training sessions and increasing my rest time, and guess what? It worked. Progression increased ten fold!


I now do two sessions as standard on any given day, but occasionally will change this to either three or one session if needs be. I have also learnt to go with it a bit, not necessarily sticking to exactly the same program every week – if there is something specific that needs working on then I will.

I decided Tuesday was a three session day, so I started with gi class. I must say it was good to be back in a gi! We then had MMA followed by wrestling to finish the day off nicely. I have received a great deal of help from Donny in both MMA and wrestling for which I am extremely grateful.

Grappling and Muay Thai were the focus for Wednesday, and gi class followed by MMA on Thursday. Wrestling took care of Friday morning and Muay Thai in the afternoon. I love Muay Thai so much, it makes me ridiculously happy!



My ankle did start to twinge a little on Saturday mornings Muay Thai so I decided to call it a day after my 40 minute pad session. I love ending the week excited to train again on Monday.

Fighting is my life, my love, my everything. My world really does revolve around training for it. When I get tired and frustrated I have literally nothing to escape to, so it is extremely important to me that I don’t end the week on a low. As I mentioned earlier, this has easily been my most productive week in training in a long time which makes me extremely happy.

This weekend, two of my friends fought – and won! Jj Ambrose with a first round rear naked choke, and Soa Palelei with a first round KO. Both guys are absolutely inspirational and I am ridiculously proud to call them my friends.



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