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Published On January 21, 2014 | By Helen Harper | Blog

I am still in England, it is still raining every day, which is still making it hard to motivate myself. I hit a bit of a brick wall last week with some delightful 13 hour shifts featuring drunk people EVERYWHERE which was fun, but I came through the other side I’d like to think a little stronger for it..!

Since I appear to have sold my sole to “The Wheatsheaf” at least for the time being, I figured I should at least use the time to think about good things. My latest train of thought is what makes different people happy. I know what makes me happy but not everyone is the same. Also happiness is hard to define. We have moments of happiness each and every day, but a constant state of happiness is almost impossible to achieve. I have made a top 10 of the things that make me happy, and it was really interesting when I posted the question on Facebook to see what responses I got. I could almost see people smiling as they wrote all the things they enjoy doing which was actually a really lovely feeling.

The top ten things that make me happy are as follows:
1. Jiu Jitsu: This obviously speaks for itself, I am completely obsessed with the sport.
2. Dairy Milk: I don’t care how many bad things this has in it, I still love it and it’s the one thing I crave on a weight cut.
3. MMA: Who doesn’t feel amazing after a good sparring session? Oh and those black eyes? They are a trophy, not to be ashamed of.
4. Family: We’ve had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I would do anything for those crazy people. Love them more than life.
5. Friends: The type of friends you can go a year without seeing but when you do see them it’s like you haven’t even been apart. I am talking about you Ellie, Lily, Zoe to name but a few!
6. Lye-ins: Possibly one of the best feelings in the world is knowing you don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. No rush, no stress, just pure relaxation.
7. The beach: Not the film, the actual beach. One of the best things about living in Phuket is the beach is on hand and pretty much any direction you drive you will reach a beach within a maximum of half an hour. My favourite is Nai Harn on the south tip of the island.
8. Cuddles: A cuddle will make your day go from 100% awful to 100% brilliant in a matter of seconds. It’s so simple, yet in my opinion we don’t give each other enough cuddles. There should definitely be a “National Cuddle Day” where you have free reign to cuddle each and every person you see during that day.
9. Random instant connections with people: By this I mean that person you happened to sit next to on the plane, or that moved their newspaper to let you sit down, or someone you’re standing in a long queue with. Chance encounters where you just so happen to strike up a conversation and by some coincidence the other person is awesome. Then you spend the rest of the day thinking how nice people really are..
10. Ice cream: Ice cream never fails to make me happy, and I shall by buying a few tubs of Hagen Daas to enjoy once my weight cut is over (open invitation for anyone who wishes to join me for that!)

So there you have it, my top ten things that make me happy. After I posted the question on Facebook, I got some fairly similar answers, and some that really made me smile, so I hope my friends don’t mind that I have borrowed their answers to share with the world.

1. BJJ
2. MMA
3. Ice Cream
4. Carbs
5. Hand getting raised
6. Family
7. Seeing others happy
8. Traveling and freedom
9. Muay Thai
10. Getting over an injury
11. Life
12. Good friends

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who participated in the discussion on Facebook, and if you’re ever feeling down I would definitely advise writing a list of all the things that make you happy, along with doing as many of them as possible.

elliehelenEllie and myself, perfect example of someone I can go a year without seeing and still love her to pieces whenever I have the chance to see her

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