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The journey of an aspiring fighter #47

Published On January 14, 2014 | By Helen Harper | Blog

Coming back to a western culture has once again reminded me of the differences all over the world. I always have so many realizations when I come back here, and this visit is no different.

England seems to be a depressing place. It’s much harder to be positive about things because it’s always raining, snowy, cold, or a mixture of all three! I read an article the other day about being happy, and the opinion was given that it is a choice whether to be happy or not. You can choose whether to take a positive or a negative for each moment or situation in your life. You can also choose whether to do something about the situation or not.
The society we live in demands social acceptance at any cost, and I have found the small pleasures in life completely lost on people. English people LIKE to complain, LIKE to be unhappy, LIKE to have a problem with a situation, but given the chance to change the situation, they most likely won’t preferring to continue to complain.

Personally I’ve found happiness through Jiu Jitsu and MMA, which has taught me not only a greater respect for the people around me but also a far greater respect for myself. The family aspect of martial arts goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined being involved in. Every gym I’ve walked into since I started training has welcomed me with open arms, no matter the standard or the quality of the establishment.

I know that not everyone will find the same happiness in the same things, and that is definitely a good thing – can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all liked the same things?! However sometimes I wish I could just open people’s eyes as to how amazing this world really is.

Recently I have been training with Andy Roberts in Farnborough, and his gym is a perfect example of an open friendly gym, but the guys there still train super hard. The big thing I love about it, is that everyone is always happy there whenever I see them. This makes a huge difference to the mental attitude of everyone in the gym, from the seasoned athletes to the newcomers.

andy roberts 100114The regular lunch time class (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Scott, myself and Cleverson (Spiderman) after MMA


Matt and myself after BJJ class

In other news, I have been given an opportunity since being here in the UK to fight on a show called Ultimate Impact. Unfortunately they didn’t have any girls that wanted to fight MMA, so I took a K1 fight instead against a girl called Sammy Donnelly. I am so excited!! The fight will take place on the 22nd February and it is all the way up in Gloucester so I am taking any offers of people who want to drive me there (don’t think I should be driving home 2 hours after getting my head bashed in..) and also anyone who would like to shark tank me in the next few weeks – every little helps!

To everyone who is part of my life, THANK YOU! Also to everyone that reminds me not to give up, I love you, please keep reminding me. 2014 is just the start of something great, the best is yet to come!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Boyd and everyone at Phuket Top Team, I miss you all very much and to Andy Roberts and his team, you guys are awesome, pushing each other every day so we grow stronger together!

Just keep swimming!!


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