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Happy New Year!!

The most amazing year of my life has just happened, and it’s not stopping here – 2014 promises to set challenges and smash through weaknesses unlike any year before. We are all getting stronger, fitter, braver and looking to face challenges harder and harder to beat. BRING IT ON 2014!!!!!

Helen Christmas tree

One week back in England already, and I still haven’t quite accustomed to the weather – I am not sure that I will either. As much as I hate this weather however, I feel like the only way to experience Christmas is through the cold weather, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas without it. Christmas Day was actually amazing, I really loved seeing my cousins – we can all go a year without seeing each other and then when we do it is like it was yesterday when we last saw each other! Definitely a better Christmas this year than last.

step familyStep sister (Maddie), myself and step brother (Bertie)

Lizzi helenMy cousin Lizzie and myself

HelenCeciMy cousin Ceci and myself

Helen Nay

My cousin Nay (Naomi) and myself

Helen Chris

My cousin Lizzie’s boyfriend, Chris, who joined in the festivities with us

Ceci Helen

My cousin Ceci and I (again!)

Anna Helen

My little sister Anna and I 🙂

Anna Helen LizziMy sister, my cousin Lizzie and me!

Anna Helen Ceci

My sister, myself and my cousin Ceci

Chris Helen Lizzi Anna

Chris, Lizzie, Nay and me

Did I mention it’s cold in England?!
The one thing I am missing painfully, is training and Phuket Top Team. You can do as much training as you like on your own but it will never substitute training at one of the best gyms in the world. I have been running every day and doing little circuits in my mum’s garage, but I don’t think I realized how de-motivating the cold really is. I really have to do my work out in the morning or it probably won’t get done because it’s so cold every time I take a layer of clothes off that I just don’t want to work out, which is very unlike me! Luckily I’ve been in the position this week where I can work out in the morning but as soon as I get a job this may or may not change.
Mainly because of Christmas, I haven’t been able to find any Jiu Jitsu gyms open this week. The entire country seems to shut down for Christmas and new year, I don’t think I ever noticed it as much as I do now. I got to the stage where I found my old yoga mats and had some card board boxes I could put down in the garage and all I needed was a training partner… But that was the hardest of all to find because everyone that wants to train is about 4 hours away and I have no transport. Last week on Friday, I got completely over excited because my old gym (I trained at the northern version) EKBJJ was open!! So I made my way up to London and trained with them. I was grateful for somewhere to train, I can’t deal with Jiu Jitsu not in my life for very long!

David Helen Ed

David Onuma (awesome black belt), myself and Eddie Kone (another awesome black belt)

Lisa HelenLisa “Lights Out” McCallam (fellow WMMA competitor) and myself

Now I would love to be really systematic and lay out my plans for the new year, unfortunately my ability to systematically do anything is somewhat limited. Instead I thought I would put together a random bunch of things I would expect to achieve/wish to achieve/might just blag over the next year.

Expect to achieve
Aiming for 4 MMA fights in 2014
Aiming to earn enough money in England that I don’t have to worry about it too much when I get back to Phuket and so that I can really focus on training and fighting as much as physically possible.
I WILL have Hellraiser T-shirts (and maybe even hoodies) for sale in 2014!

Wish to achieve
With 4 fights, I wish to have  wins in 2014. I guess only time will tell whether this becomes a possibility. Train hard, fight easy.
I am putting together a list of girls I would like to fight in the near future: May Ooi, Sherilyn Lim, Ann Osman to name a few.

Might just blag
A contract with invicta. One can dream….

Happy New Year everyone, may you all stay safe and happy in 2014 and don’t get too caught up in your first world problems.

Peace and Love xxxx

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