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Some really sad things have happened this week, but it’s been a good week other than that. The first thing I must talk about is the tragic news that one of the kids at Sinbi (about 10 minutes away from PTT) passed away on Fathers Day. I only met this kid a couple of times, but I can imagine how much it’s shaken both his real family and his Muay Thai family. There is no way to bring him back, but there is a way to help his pregnant mother and his now severely disabled father: PLEASE click this link and donate whatever you have.

OK, moving on to the better things that have happened this week: I am happy to just be alive, moderately sane, fit and healthy. Its a blessing that so many people will never experience.

Monday 2nd December 2013
Monday, Monday! Welcome to Monday! My ankle really hurt this morning so I didn’t think sprinting would be a great idea… It kinda sucks because I was getting into a good routine with my morning runs, but I obviously don’t want to make it worse. I’ll see what it’s like tomorrow.
School seemed like a blur, I’m dreading leaving because I’m going to miss those kids so so much. They keep me going more than I think I realized…
After school I went for my 5 1/2km run and then jumped straight into Muay Thai. Bung was there at the beginning at the session but half way through he disappeared! I never thought this would bother me particularly until it happened, but then I thought to myself, ‘What would I do without Bung?!’ As much as he loves to beat the s**t out of me, I actually think he’s a great trainer… He’s certainly improved my game a hell of a lot. I did my pad work with F, the dancing trainer. F is awesome, and such a sweetheart but he’s so nice, and I’m not sure I know what to do when someone is so nice. I’m not used to it!! I got something wrong and I actually flinched away for him to hit me but he didn’t, it was amazing! However, I kind of missed Bung in a weird way, maybe I am starting to get used to his strange ways…. Who knows. I actually hope he’s back tomorrow….!

Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Bung was back today!! I was actually happy about that!! Also, I didn’t completely die on the pads, even though we worked through two rounds at a time again. I must be getting fitter! Today was actually a really fun Muay Thai session, I enjoyed it a lot. I clinched a few rounds with Shauna as well which was interesting. She’s been working a lot on her clinching recently so it was good to learn a bit from her.

Wednesday 4th December 2013
Weirdly although Bung was here today, I didn’t work with him on the pads. I worked with F but as much as I love F, it’s never the same. F is a lot of fun to work with though, because he dances all the time and makes everyone smile. I sparred with a ridiculously tall girl today, I think maybe Russian but I’m not sure. I thought she was going to absolutely kill me but actually even though her hips were just about in line with my shoulders, I didn’t absolutely die so it was a good experience in all. By accident she teeped me and opened a cut on my knee so I had to clean it up which Bung wasn’t happy about, I think he thought I was being lazy, but I’m not sure what the alternative was, it was bleeding quite a lot!

Thursday 5th  December 2013: Fathers Day
I still haven’t done a morning run all week because my ankle has been feeling really sore when I wake up in the morning which is a bit rubbish. Today I had a day off school for the King’s birthday, the gym was shut, and I had full intentions of running but my ankle was really very sore so I decided against it. Instead of running, I pretty much did the polar opposite, and went out for ice cream… I know, it’s not ideal, but I don’t have to make weight for this fight so I figured one bit of ice cream wasn’t going to kill anyone… It was amazing. Worth every single calorie inside of it! I pretty much felt guilty for the rest of the day though, so I went to Calorie in the evening to have a guilt free meal with my new friend Johanna from Muay Thai. As always the boys know how to make me happy, I haven’t had a bad meal there yet!
I also finished my CV today which was a massive achievement, because I hate that kind of thing, so if anyone wants to hire me when I’m back in the UK, feel free to contact me!


Friday 6th December 2013
After a day off yesterday, and excessive ice cream consumption, I felt it was only right to bite the bullet and cross my fingers that my ankle would be OK for a morning run. I didn’t sprint because I think that what made it so bad in the first place, but I think if I just keep with the steady state runs I think it will be fine. I just did my short run and although my ankle was quite painful to begin with, once I’d warmed up it seemed to be OK, so hopefully it will stay that way!
I also managed the long run after school so I was really happy about that, again my ankle was very sore at the beginning of the run, but seemed to settle down after about 1km. I know post op a joint will never quite be the same, but my ankle has been pretty good so far, so I have no real complaints (I’m just a perfectionist!) I don’t mind so much when it hurts to run, but when it hurts so much I can’t kick it starts to irritate me slightly…
Anyway Muay Thai was hard tonight, really hard. I worked with Bung on the pads again and as usual he got irritated with me, but that wasn’t what broke me. Every time he shouted at me and hit me I just smiled at him determined not to come across as weak again, and I didn’t, I finished strong. However I must apologize to Mr. Spargo who went with Bung after me and I think Bung took his frustration out on him instead – sorry!! Clinching was what got me tonight, I started off with Shauna and F, and they were fine, but then I was pretty much passed around the trainers who proceeded to throw me around, and I know it doesn’t sound it, but when you’re absolutely shattered and people keep throwing you onto the floor, it’s really hard to keep getting up. I know this is what they want, but it gets harder and harder as the round goes on. By the end I was so dizzy I couldn’t even walk in a straight line, and I was pretty much clinging on to the trainers just to hold myself up. My hair was stuck to my head with sweat and the rest of my body was absolutely covered in sweat. I must have looked appalling. In fact I know I did because when I walked through the door as I got home I count sight of myself in the mirror and actually cringed! However, that said, I got through it and live to fight another day.
In the evening we went out for pizza, I say ‘we’ but actually there was about 30 of us! If Olavo organizes something everyone wants to go, because everyone loves Olavo! The pizza was amazing, but they didn’t have room for us so we ended up sitting in a bar across the street and eating it there… Hey, in Thailand you can do that and no one bats an eyelid! It was great to see all the Jiu Jitsu guys because obviously I haven’t seen them for a while since I’ve spent all my time at Muay Thai!

olavopizzaThank you to Olavo’s beautiful wife Julia for the photo of our multiple tables!

Saturday 7th December 2013
I feel like I cheated a bit at this week with a day off, but the trainers didn’t seem to think so. I got to Muay Thai this morning and after my run, Bung told me I would have a massage. Obviously one sweats quite a bit when one runs, especially in Thailand, but that didn’t stop Neung rubbing boxing liniment over my entire body… Oh my god, the burn!! My whole body was on fire!! Probably made worse by the fact I’ve been using Battle Balm every since I discovered it and it’s so much kinder to the skin so I’m not used to boxing liniment any more… After the massage, which I am still burning from, I just had to do some shadow boxing and then they told me to go home and shower. I am to run again today, and once tomorrow and then back to normal on Monday. Oh the burn!!
My Saturday improved greatly after my burning “massage” (torture chamber enjoyed by all the trainers!) After the burning stopped, I took a shower to wash the rest of it off me, such a nice feeling!! Then headed down to the beach which was absolutely PERFECT! The sun was most definitely out, and I enjoyed a perfect few hours by myself in (almost) blissful peacefulness. There’s always that one woman who likes to talk at the top of her voice in a brash Essex accent (no offense Essex) and tell the entire world her life story, but bar that it was pretty much as perfect as it could be. Oh my goodness I am going to miss this place so very very much! Not enough time to do everything again before I leave!!
I feel a bit emotional about the whole thing if I’m honest, I know it’s only two months before I am back but two months seems like a lifetime away. In Phuket two months goes in the blink of an eye, but in England, two weeks feels like two months! Crazy I know, but if you’ve experienced both you will know exactly what I mean.
I went for another run in the afternoon with far more success than the last few runs. I barely noticed my ankle and only had a slight niggle from my knee, so I was much happier with that.


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