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Set backs only mean one thing. You have to work a little harder to get back on track, but after every trough there is a peak so the good times are just around the corner!
This is actually my blog from a few weeks ago, although I haven’t been able to train since then and never posted it!

Monday 21st October 2013
The week started well, I went for a slow jog instead of my usual sprints in the morning, and my head felt OK, a little fuzzy to start with but I figured that will happen after a week off so it’s nothing to worry about. Once I had blown the cobwebs away I felt fine.
I went to MMA sparring in the afternoon but was only going to do technique – we actually ended up in the sparing section doing the work from the ground so I just asked my partners to adapt and not punch me/go a little lighter on me, which they did and again I felt OK by the end of it so I was feeling great!
We then had Jiu Jitsu, and I managed to record the technique and (shock horror with my technical abilities!) make it into a short video! You can see said video here, and please feel free to share it as much as you want.

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Only one session today as the later session in the evening would have involved too much head impact, but wrestling was fun so I was happy with that. I only did the technique part, and sat out the live wrestling because I was worried about my head still and you never quite know when you’re going to get dropped on your head in live wrestling – especially when you’re 20kg lighter than the majority of the other people in the room!! My wrestling video is here, and again, please feel free to share.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
I had a day off work on Wednesday, which allowed me to train in the day – super exciting!! I lost my voice on Tuesday as I had a throat infection, so allowed myself a lie in on Wednesday morning before going to Jiu Jitsu (I had originally planned to wake up early for Muay Thai but this didn’t end up happening!) So at Jiu Jitsu I was privileged to be able to work in a group of three with both Donny and Tommy – absolutely awesome. You can again see the Jiu Jitsu technique we looked at in another short video here.
After a short break, we had a rather exciting seminar with none other than Dean Lister. For those of you that don’t know, I recommend you type “Dean Lister” in to your favourite search engine right now and find out just how awesome this guy is. I have put a video together of the leg locks we went through in the seminar, take a look – even if you don’t think it’s your thing…

Thursday 24th October 2013
Even though I don’t usually do the Thursday wrestling class, I was buzzing and desperate to train so I managed to get off work on time and legged it down to wrestling. I was late unfortunately so felt a bit rude getting my iPad out to record – therefore there is no footage from the wrestling class, sorry. Following that, my favourite class of the week – grappling – now back with Anthony Leone (he was away fighting for a few weeks so Donny was taking the class). We ran through some drills, and also a good long round of “Sweep or submit” which is always fun.

Friday 25th October 2013
It was all going so well…. I felt like I was back in the game, the concussion was over and done with… until this evening. Wrestling was fine, I didn’t go live again just to be on the safe side, but I think I could have – I felt good.
The evening class was Jiu Jitsu, and the actual class was great, and as usual we finished up with some live rolling. The last round I paired up with another blue belt, although this guy was around 85-90kg. I am used to guys going rough with me, and it never usually bothers me. Unfortunately at one point during the roll, this guy had his shin over my throat, whilst sitting on my head, and although I could still breathe (so I didn’t tap) I did pass out for a few seconds. I don’t remember the moments afterwards too well, but I do remember feeling really groggy. I slept a LONG time and woke up honestly not feeling great. I stupidly tried to go wrestling (even though I felt awful) but luckily Donny stopped me and I actually ended up going to hospital in the afternoon (Saturday by this point).
The doctor at the hospital told me to take 2 weeks off training – which is an absolute nightmare for me, because my life revolves around training!

For this reason, my blog has been fairly non-existent for the past week, although I have been to Malaysia which was amazing fun!
If you have ever tried living in Phuket and not training, let me tell you it is not that fun, my entire life and social life entirely revolves around the gym. When I can’t train I become fairly depressed temperarily and feel the need to escape. Luckily I have a friend called Anna in Kuala Lumpur so I stayed with her and her wonderful family – it was AMAZING!!!!

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