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I was lucky enough to be asked by Fight Sport Asia to give my predictions for this weekends ONE FC. Obviously I gladly accepted but this got me quite fired up about the card, which has easily been the best ONE FC to date.

As I had been so fired up for it, and got home on an absolute high from Andrew’s win – I decided to write a small review of the night.


Khim Dima vs Saiful Merican
As expected this fight stayed standing for the most part, with a few messy take downs by Merican. Dima defended but not well enough, and definitely seemed more comfortable in the cage. Merican stayed strong and attacked well although in my opinion it wasn’t his best performance but he did manage to take home the split decision win.

Harris Sarmiento vs Herbert Burns
I really enjoyed this fight, and was extremely pleased with the result, although it didn’t happen as I had expected it to. I would have loved to see a submission win by Burns, and in the first round I thought this would have been entirely possible with a few attempts thrown in however they were defended well by Sarmiento.
Sarmiento looked tired, and older than his 30 years, where as Burns at only 4 years younger looked fresh and ready for anything that might be thrown at him. Despite his Jiu Jitsu background, Burns controlled all three rounds – the latter two barely touching the ground and definitely deserved the decision win.


Waqar Umar vs Peter Davis
Umar finally made it to Kuala Lumpur and weighed in, completed his medical and was ready to fight tonight. Full respect goes to him for battling his visa restrictions and still making it in time for the fight. The first round was fairly even, Davis slightly dominating but honestly not by much. Luckily he realised he had to do something special by the second round and got a very nice take down, mashed Umar up against the cage and started pelting him with elbows. Nice work.

Kotetsu Boku vs Arnaud Lepont
This was a really interesting fight. I think it might have been stopped slightly prematurely but I think it would have been the same outcome had the ref have let it go on. Boku overpowered Lepont from the start, cornering him wherever possible and eventually after a small battle and a crippling body shot from Boku, Lepont ended up being dominated by strikes so much so that the referee called time.
We all suspected the outcome, I just didn’t think it would happen so fast.

Shinichi Kojima vs Andrew Leone
I have pride coming out my ears for this boy! Andrew controlled and dominated Kojima like an absolute pro, as predicted completely out wrestled him, and even out boxed him with a few really neat combinations. Andrew did have a good few submission attempts but Kojima defended well, although there wasn’t much sign of a counter attack. All three rounds were completely dominated by Andrew, and we all knew his hand would be raised – but you should have heard the crowd at Calorie cheer when they announced his name as the winner!

Ariel Sexton vs Kamal Shalorus
Honestly I was surprised how well Shalorus dominated Sexton. Sexton wasn’t showing any of his grappling skills and honestly didn’t look like he was in the best shape of his life. Shalorus actually worked pretty well throughout the fight, standing and on the ground, and looked good doing it.
Sexton hung in there but we didn’t see the dominant display we were expecting, nor did we see any real Jiu Jitsu of any level from him. Shalorus took a well deserved decision victory, and I look forward to seeing more from him in the near future.

Adriano Moraes vs Yasuhiro Urushitani
This was a pretty uneventful fight certainly in the first round, although Moraes slightly dominated Urushitani. The second round got slightly more interesting, and then suddenly a really slick back take came out of nowhere from Moraes with a rear naked choke to finish it off.

Dae Hwan Kim vs Kevin Belingon
Belingon absolutely dominated Kim for the majority of the first round and the highlight of the fight came when he attempted the Rob Lisita special – a bulldog choke which he almost executed perfectly but somehow Kim managed to escape. The escape led to a clash against the cage wall, and Kim saw an opportunity to jump and take Belingon’s back! Once Kim had jumped, the rear naked choke was on, and on tight. Belingon fell back on top of Kim and tapped almost immediately to give Kim a first round submission win.

Brock Larson vs Nobutatsu Suzuki
This was definitely not the fight of the night. I had high hopes for Larson but he let me down, with sloppy take down attempts, lack of Jiu Jitsu and awful cardio. I had my doubts that Suzuki would be able to knock Larson out and I was right, leading him to his first decision win. During the fourth and fifth rounds, Larson had a good number of take down attempts but they were very sloppy and Suzuki defended them extremely well. This often led to a situation where Larson was on his back and I guess any other fighter would have tried to pass the guard, or at least something Jiu Jitsu related. Not Suzuki! He just stood up every time, and waited for the referee to ask Larson to stand up. It made Larson look particurlarly bad in my opinion, and I think we all had the realization that Suzuki doesn’t just have basic Jiu Jitsu skills, he has NO Jiu Jitsu skills! I assume he at least trains it a little – the defenses certainly – or he wouldn’t be an MMA fighter at all but I did find it strange that he didn’t even attempt to work from the ground with Larson for the entire duration of the five round fight.
The fight eventually went to a decision, and as it should have been Suzuki picked up the win.

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