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Published On July 8, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

A continuation from helensadventuresinthailand:

As I am no longer in Thailand, the time has come to launch a brand new site. This is both exciting and quite scary for me, because having a site which is more than just a blog site means I have to live up to all the expectations. I shall endeavor to do just that, and I very much hope you all still enjoy my posts.

The past two weeks have been fantastic for training, I have been at Andy Roberts BJJ every night. Getting beaten up by the boys is an understatement, they are insane!

It’s not a bad thing though, they are all extremely technical and don’t even need to use power to beat me up. Although this can be quite depressing, this is the best way to learn.

The academy has been buzzing for the past few weeks, because the first ever Surrey Open BJJ comp is happening on Sunday. Gone are the days of having to travel hours and hours to and from comps. This one is less than half an hour away!

I am particularly looking forward to Surrey because almost everyone at the academy has entered. It will be such a great atmosphere, with everyone cheering each other on. For a lot of the guys and girls it will be their first ever comp, and it brought me back to my first ever comp which was Hereford Open back in 2012.

I remember driving there with my friend Kev, and I was absolutely fine, completely relaxed until about half an hour before we arrived. I started massively freaking out and panicking so Kev put a Spice Girls CD on and we started singing to that. We got there and Mark, my coach at the time was there and then suddenly everything was OK again.

I don’t think I’ve even been so nervous but I ended up coming away with a silver medal for my weight class and a bronze in the absolute. It taught me a ridiculous amount, and I am so glad I had such a good experience for my first comp because it made me hungry to do more.

I just hope all the guys and girls who are having their first comp on Sunday will have as positive an experience as I did, and they are inspired to compete again. I know Jiu Jitsu isn’t about medals but it’s a great way to test yourself, and see where you’re at in terms of progression. Particularly for us girls – you can never really tell if you’re getting better when you always roll with boys who are so much bigger and stronger. It’s good to go against some girls who are a similar weight and height.



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