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Published On August 24, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

I may have spoken too soon when I said life on fight camp was boring, as this week has been far from it!

My week started with a broken car. I feared the worst but although originally it was going to cost over £250 to fix, it ended up being just £165. It could have been a lot worse. Although I am as always a member of the broke fighter’s club, it could have been a lot worse.

The next matter I had to attend to wasn’t so easily fixed. It is something I have had a great many messages about so I feel that I should explain what I know here.

About a month ago I had a friend request on Facebook from a man calling himself “Trevor Silva”. I don’t know such a person so I declined and thought nothing more of it. Around a week later, my mother also had a friend request and asked me who he was as we had a lot of friends in common.

Again, I thought nothing of it until about a week further on when I received a private message from him. It contained images of me and an extremely explicit message, one which I won’t repeat. I decided to ignore it, in the hope that no reaction would cause him to get bored and disappear.

Unfortunately, this was not the case and he then started tagging me in images of myself and further explicit and obscene messages. To make matters worse, he also began adding all my friends, who saw said messages. Approximately 20 of my friends reported the images to Facebook, however unfortunately they were not removed as the did not violate Facebook’s community standards.

By this stage, I had blocked him not only from my personal page but also my athlete page where he had left similar messages.

I will also say at this point, that I had and still have absolutely no idea who this person is.

Whilst attempting to resolve this issue, I phoned the police to see whether there was anything I could do. I spoke to a lady on Wednesday who was extremely helpful and decided that the best cause of action would be to have an officer to come and view the posts.

On Thursday evening, the officer came to see the posts but I was informed that there was nothing anyone could do without Facebook’s cooperation. As Facebook was clearly not willing to cooperate it would not be investigated further.

I find it very disappointing not only that Facebook was unwilling to remove the posts, but also that there is seemingly nothing that can be done. Whilst the messages were not of a threatening nature, I found them intimidating and unnecessarily graphic.

With just two weeks to go before I step back into the cage, I just hope that this situation is over and I can focus fully on my training.

Fortunately my friends and training partners have been extremely supportive and understand fully what I have been through. I couldn’t ask for a better team behind me and my fight is most certainly dedicated to each and every person that has helped me through this.

Although I hate to talk about negativity of any description, I feel that this is part of my journey and it should not be brushed under the carpet. I am sure I am not the first female fighter to go through this type of experience, or indeed female non-fighter.

I have dealt with it in the best way I can and I hope that anyone else who has to go through a similar ordeal will also have the courage to stand up for themselves and rise above it.


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  1. Hi, Helen, hang in there, I will pray for you that you have a great 2 weeks of camp till your fight and pray that no further things will happen with Facebook, I will light a candle for you
    God Bless

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