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Published On July 24, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

Some how this week has managed to escape from me, I feel like I have been busy for at least 94% of it but still have so much to do! Playing catch up after a sickness period is always interesting.

Starting with the weekends results, at the Brighton Open. It was a much smaller event than both Bournemouth and Surrey and the class sizes reflected that. It was nice to see a few of the same ref’s though, familiar faces are always welcome.

My results were nothing to be shouted about – two silver medals. One via default in the gi class (after getting arm barred) and the no-gi I was narrowly beaten on points (6-4) in the final match. I had to remind myself that I had just had a full week off training and I still wasn’t 100% after the tonsillitis.

Obviously these results aren’t ideal, but then neither is becoming ill. It’s just a lesson to learn – and next time when I am in full health maybe things will be better.

Although my results weren’t anything to be proud of, one person that made the whole day worthwhile was Beth. I have been working very closely with her over the past few weeks and I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier for her. She works ridiculously hard in training and deserves every win she gets.

She managed to pick up a silver and a bronze throughout the day and her classes were significantly bigger than mine.

Well done to all the guys and girls who came down – Ian, Ollie, Nat, Beth and Dan remember you are all warriors just for stepping on the mat!

brighton teamIan, myself, Beth, Nat and Ollie

After the excitement of the weekend, it was time to get back to it. After a week off and let’s be honest not eating the most healthy food in the world it was a struggle to make myself swim on Monday morning.

I started bargaining with myself, ‘Ok, I will go but I will just do 20 lengths.’ Then I thought about how much a waste of money that would be – both the swim and the car park so I thought I would do at least 40 lengths. That seemed reasonable until I had done the first 10 lengths and realised I was going to do the full 50 anyway because otherwise I would have been disappointed in myself for slacking off.

50 lengths later, I felt satisfied and left the pool happy. I struggled slightly in wrestling though, it was a tough session anyway but the first day back coupled with the earlier swim made it even tougher.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we were lucky enough to have Roger Gracie come down from London and teach a seminar. Having been to a high number of seminars in the past, I know what I like – simplicity.

The danger with seminars is that the instructor doesn’t look at the level of the students and tries to over complicate things. People then come away having seen all this fancy stuff that they will ever be able to pull off themselves in a month of Sundays.

Roger goes completely the other way. He simplified everything, and had a fantastic approach to teaching in general. Despite there being a huge amount of students of various different levels, he managed to teach everyone something. Because of this, I can definitely say it was one of the best seminars I have ever been to.

I find it really depends who you work with during a seminar too – and I was very happy to find that my favourite Jiu Jitsu partner was happy to train with me. Rich Champness is a purple belt and he is around 60/65kg so a perfect size for me to train with. I always come away having learnt something when training with him, which after all is the main aim of the game.

roger me andyRoger, myself and Andy

me and the boys
Hadrian, Rich, myself, Ian and Karl

beth kerry me
Beth, Kerry and myself

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