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Published On July 18, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

Probably the most frustrating week in a LONG time. I began the week in a negative mood, feeling that my progression has been lacking over the past few months. I tend to beat myself up over very little things, and expect quick results in return.

On Monday I discovered ringworm on my arms, which was the first set back. It’s a fungal infection, which causes red rings on your skin. Although it doesn’t pose any real threat it is highly contagious so obviously I can’t train whilst infected. I used a cream called Daktarin which worked very quickly but I heard coconut oil works well too.

Just as the ring worm was clearing up though, I came down with Tonsillitis. The timing for this one wasn’t right because I hate having time off at the best of times. It wasn’t ideal at all with the comp being merely a week away too. I am generally not one for visiting the doctors but I decided it was the only way I would be well enough before Sunday.

The doctor gave me some antibiotics and I do feel much better than I did (although still can’t breathe – minor details). My main hope for now is to be well enough to compete on Sunday.

Admittedly, I have been both on the mats and in the cage in worse conditions, and won (unbelievably). One of the most memorable being the week before my first pro MMA fight. I had picked up an infection in my foot (probably from walking everywhere in bare feet) and was crippled to the point where I had to sit down to teach my class at the school I worked at.

The day of the weigh in came, and I was so scared that they weren’t going to let me fight that I made sure I was as close as possible to the scales so that no one could see me edge towards them really slowly to weigh in. Luckily, no one noticed and I was able to get in the cage.

By the time of the fight, my adrenaline had taken the pain away, soon to return the minute I walked out the cage. I remember being so ridiculously happy about winning that I wanted to jump 100 foot in the air, but the pain had got so severe by that point that I had to sit down.

I believe the classes are fairly small this weekend, however we all know I won’t be satisfied unless it’s a gold medal I bring home with me. The break has either done me a world of good, or it will be the worst performance of my life. Let’s hope for the former!

Last but not least, I received another photo from the photo shoot last week, full credit to Sophie and the team for making me look like an actual girl!


Credit to:
Photographer – Sophie Merlo
Lighting Assistant – Roger Barnes
Hair – Amelia Shorter
Make-up – Isabel Taxidis

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