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Published On August 13, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

Less than 4 weeks until I get back in the cage and the excitement is building!

I have been incredibly lucky with my training partners during the camp so far, which I am unbelievably grateful for. Gareth, Matt and Tim from ARBJJ have been beating me up every few days and I am starting to feel stronger.

Yesterday the lovely team from MMA Showdown came to the gym to interview me which was pretty cool. They ended up staying a few hours and recorded me training too – completely new to me but quite fun.

Unfortunately I suffered a neck injury last week in training, but with the help of Battle Balm and Fleet Sports Therapy I am back on the mend.

One of the things that has made a huge difference to my camp is my diet. I feel as strong as I have ever done at this stage in a camp, and I am sure it’s down to my diet. They do say that abs are built in the kitchen. One day, I WILL have abs!!

Unfortunately, as exciting as it sounds, a fight camp is actually fairly boring. It pretty much revolves around eating (the right things and the right times), sleeping (as much as physically possible to give your body enough time to repair) and training (but being careful not to over train as this is counter productive).

Every second is worth it when you get your hand raised at the end, I would be on fight camp my whole life if I could keep getting my hand raised – there is no feeling like it.

I would just like to give a continual thank you to my wonderful sponsors for helping me every step of the way: Xbrain, Battle Balm and Pony Club Grappling Gear – not to mention Andy Roberts BJJ. Please send them all some love – I would not be here without them.

Finally, a few photos from my classes this week: Muay Thai and boot camp. There are no men in boot camp because they are all scared – if you think you can handle it then come on down (Tuesday at 5pm)

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TuesdayBootCamp 120814Boot camp

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