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Published On September 1, 2014 | By Helen Harper | News

Right now, I should be starting my water load of my weight cut, but instead I am searching high and low for another fight. It’s not the first time and it surely won’t be the last time this happens: my opponent has pulled out with an injury.

Gutted is not the word, but everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t know what the reason is at the time but I have no doubt it will become apparent at some point.

I could sit here complaining and moaning about how it’s not fair but let’s be realistic for a second. Life isn’t fair. I am extremely lucky to be in the position I’m in. So let’s make the most of it.

The fight being canceled means I have longer to prepare before the next one, longer to improve my skills and be the best I can possibly be. This stuff takes time!

This has without doubt been the most productive fight camp I’ve ever had, I have felt the best I have ever felt and that in itself has been a fantastic learning curve.

So what’s next? I was hoping this fight would be a stepping stone to some of the American promotions. It appears not, or at least not yet. To get to the American promotions I need to prove that I can match up to the girls over there. I train just as hard as they do, there is no reason why not. However from their point of view, there is no point in bringing a girl over from the UK when they have plenty of their own. I need to be outstanding.

So this is my new goal. It might not be a SMART goal, in fact quite the opposite. It’s neither specific, measurable or timely but it’s definitely realistic and attainable.

“Be outstanding”

That’s it. Simple, effective.

Over the next few weeks I will be recording some of my training to send off to promoters in the US in the hope one of them sees something they like. As usual, any suggestions welcome.

Minor set backs are nothing compared to how fantastic it is going to be when I finally get to the UFC.

beoutstandingPhoto credits:
Photographer – Sophie Merlo
Lighting Assistant – Roger Barnes
Hair – Amelia Shorter
Make-up – Isabel Taxidis

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