Fighter of the Week: Jessy Jess

Published On May 21, 2014 | By Helen Harper | Fighter of the Week

The first ever female fighter of the week is Australia’s Jessy Jess.

1. What is your favourite cheat day food?
Hands down chicken parmigiana! One of my coaches and I have “Parmageddon” every Wednesday night. BEST. CHEAT. MEAL. EVER!

2. What song do you love to play to get you pumped up?
Depends on what night of the week it is! If it’s a hard sparring night then I’ll usually listen to whatever my next walk out song is so I can associate that song with hard work. If it’s a drilling night then it’s usually Call Me Maybe lol

3. Who is your favourite training partner?
Probably my Coach Adrian Pang. I used to be terrified of sparring with him because he is a weapon. But now I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to get smacked hard regardless, so I have a good crack at him whenever we’re sparring. We’re about the same height, and he’s got 10 times the experience that I have, so it makes for an interesting round every time!

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