Fighter of the week: Brad Terrey

Published On July 22, 2014 | By Helen Harper | Fighter of the Week

One of my favourite training partners in Phuket, Brad Terrey joins us for fighter of the week this week.

1. What is your favourite cheat day food?
Brad –Breakfast: Buffet with bacon and eggs made to your order alongside a very large selection of pastries.
Lunch: Philly Cheese steak Foccacia from lucky 13
Dinner: Pizza, thin crust lots of different meats and over cooked a little so the cheese is crispy.

2. What song do you love to play to get you pumped up for a work out?
Brad – Not a song, a video clip.

3. Who are your favourite training partners?
Brad – Luke (Jumeau), we are about the same weight and height and he is easy to train with. Neither of us have anything to prove in training so if one day someone can’t go balls to the wall the other will back right off so we both get the most out of a sparring session.

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